Our World’s Identity Crisis

Hey Friends! Morgan here! AUDIO IS AT THE END 🙂 My recent postings have been all linked to my coaching business and I wanted to take a side step today. Today’s blog will be on faith and finding out who we truely are meant to be. If you take a second and pause with me:Continue reading “Our World’s Identity Crisis”

Current Update: 75 Day Challenge Days 1- 11

Hey Friends! It’s Morgan here. Earlier this summer I finalized and released a 75 Day No More Self-Sabotage Challenge to help people change their habits for the better. After releasing I decided that I myself should try this out for the full 75 Days! Yes I am being upfront and honest; before being release IContinue reading “Current Update: 75 Day Challenge Days 1- 11”

You’re Not a Fraud

It’s 100% normal for us to feel defeated with life. We are knocked down and wonder what the big deal is about getting back up? Friends give yourself credit! You have come so far and where you’ve been does NOT need to be where you’re going. I had a fraud moment this week. I feltContinue reading “You’re Not a Fraud”

Someday is NOT a day of the week!

Maybe ‘someday’, I’ll lose weight. Maybe ‘someday’, I’ll go on vacation. Maybe ‘someday ‘, I’ll be in a healthy relationship. Maybe ‘someday’, I’ll start my own business. Maybe ‘someday’ I’ll put myself first. Someday is not a day of the week. We continue to put things off because we will eventually get to them ‘somedayContinue reading “Someday is NOT a day of the week!”

What is an Optimistic Dumpster Fire?

Optimistic Dumpster Fire Meaning             Hi Friends!         I am currently enrolled in courses to become a Health and Life Coach. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be starting this journey of my life. I cannot wait to share my newfound education and experiences with the world! My purpose isContinue reading “What is an Optimistic Dumpster Fire?”