Current Update: 75 Day Challenge Days 1- 11

Hey Friends! It’s Morgan here. Earlier this summer I finalized and released a 75 Day No More Self-Sabotage Challenge to help people change their habits for the better. After releasing I decided that I myself should try this out for the full 75 Days! Yes I am being upfront and honest; before being release IContinue reading “Current Update: 75 Day Challenge Days 1- 11”

Fight for YOU for Once💕

Hey Friends, This blog for the record will NOT be like the last few. Vulnerability at its finest. Be ready to learn things you can’t un learn about me. The purpose behind this is that it helps someone else understand themselves enough to respect who they are. You should NOT have to make excuses forContinue reading “Fight for YOU for Once💕”

Starve Your Distractions, Feed Your Focus

Or feed your distractions and starve your focus. What’s real for you? Hey Friends! Sorry it has been a while. I have had plenty of content to post and now finally doing it! Woop! Today I wanted to discuss the power that distractions have on our focus, and on our overall health and wellbeing. ListedContinue reading “Starve Your Distractions, Feed Your Focus”