God Hears You Babe,

Hey Friends, Morgan here! Audio at the end 🙂 My blogs have started taking on more faith-filled content. (if that’s a word?) This is amazing for me as my relationship with my creater has never been closer. Even when I start to notice the weighs of the world dragging me down, I know to justContinue reading “God Hears You Babe,”

Life Update: Love yourself enough to walk away🤘

Hey Friends! Back in August I walked away from a job that wasn’t serving me anymore. I spent an excessive amount of time there and I felt like every time I clocked in I was mentally checking out. The company’s ethics were outrageous and I couldn’t believe this was how they chose to treat peopleContinue reading “Life Update: Love yourself enough to walk away🤘”

You Are NOT Your Trauma

Hey Friends! Man, I desperately had a reality check today at church. Today we started a series on trauma and it’s exactly what I need. Almost as if God is placing these sermons at the right moment, right time, right year of my life. I recorded the majority of this blog because I truly struggledContinue reading “You Are NOT Your Trauma”

Superficial Change Is NOT the Cure For Internal Pain

Happy January 2022 Friends! As you’re looking forward to putting a New Year, New YOU Year Resolution in place think about your WHY. Are you changing yourself to fit a description of someone who is NOT you? Is your resolution filled with a vanity perspective? Does this resolution involve spending an unnecessary amount of moneyContinue reading “Superficial Change Is NOT the Cure For Internal Pain”