Your Priorities Tell On You

Hey Friends, Morgan here. When you saw this blog post title, what were your first thoughts? Did you feel judged, or called out? Me TOO! Like who in their right mind wants to tell me what I should be doing. Though in reality; we all know what we SHOULD be adding to our priorities list.Continue reading “Your Priorities Tell On You”

Hard Truths: Relationship Talk

Hard Truths: Relationship Talk: FREE TIME Hey Friends, Morgan here! As a recovering people pleaser I still become mind boggled when people don’t show up like I think they will.  You have this story in your head; right? You have this movie playing in your head; right? In this moment you are dreaming for theContinue reading “Hard Truths: Relationship Talk”

You Are NOT Your Trauma

Hey Friends! Man, I desperately had a reality check today at church. Today we started a series on trauma and it’s exactly what I need. Almost as if God is placing these sermons at the right moment, right time, right year of my life. I recorded the majority of this blog because I truly struggledContinue reading “You Are NOT Your Trauma”

Superficial Change Is NOT the Cure For Internal Pain

Happy January 2022 Friends! As you’re looking forward to putting a New Year, New YOU Year Resolution in place think about your WHY. Are you changing yourself to fit a description of someone who is NOT you? Is your resolution filled with a vanity perspective? Does this resolution involve spending an unnecessary amount of moneyContinue reading “Superficial Change Is NOT the Cure For Internal Pain”

Wellness Today or Illness Tomorrow

Hey Friends! In this recording I discuss the importance of taking care of ourselves. Yep there she GOES AGAIN.😉😜 Self Care is an extremely lose term and many of us don’t take it seriously. Here’s why you should When we are on the go and forget to stop and take time for ourselves here’s whatContinue reading “Wellness Today or Illness Tomorrow”

Change is Getting Out of Your OWN Way!

Oh one of the lovely words that NO one likes to hear: CHANGE. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Change is tough, right? Change means stepping out of what’s comfortable and into the unknown. This can be terrifying; but it doesn’t have to be! Where in your life do you need to change something? What isContinue reading “Change is Getting Out of Your OWN Way!”

Walk Away, Proud!

Friends, there is an excessive amount of negativity when it comes to someone ‘walking away’. This year I  ‘walked away’ from a relationship that wasn’t right for me. This year I  ‘walked away’ from friendships that were always one sided. This year I ‘walked away’ from a job where their values didn’t match mine. ThisContinue reading “Walk Away, Proud!”


Why does EVERYTHING happen to ME? Why ME? Why me? Does this sound like someone you know? Or even better yet; is this YOU? Why do we go through our lives blaming our circumstances for each and every outcome that we have? How about instead of blaming something or someone we change our perspective? ThisContinue reading “WHY ME? VS WHAT CAN I LEARN”

You Get What You Allow

Hey Friends! Remind yourself that you will get what you allow..By not setting boundaries you are teaching people to keep doing what they are doing. What you allow inevitably teaches people how to treat you! Put up those boundaries and respect your self because you matter too. Be the partner, friend, co worker, and personContinue reading “You Get What You Allow”

Stop Going to That Circus

One of the best sayings I’ve ever come across in my life is this. ‘Don’t blame a clown for acting like a clown, ask yourself why you keep going to the circus?’ Doesn’t that just hit you right where it hurts? Don’t blame that person for their behavior when all you’ve done is put upContinue reading “Stop Going to That Circus”