Your Priorities Tell On You

Hey Friends, Morgan here. When you saw this blog post title, what were your first thoughts? Did you feel judged, or called out? Me TOO! Like who in their right mind wants to tell me what I should be doing. Though in reality; we all know what we SHOULD be adding to our priorities list.Continue reading “Your Priorities Tell On You”

Save Yourself From Your Head

FRIENDS!! I want to come on here and be all sweet and innocent and apologize for said missing blogs, but I can’t do that authentically. This summer break has been phenomenal for me in that my self care game is just about perfect. Except for 1 tiny detail, SNOOZE has been my bestie. I thinkContinue reading “Save Yourself From Your Head”

Exactly Where God Wants You

Hey Friends! Thank you for checking out my blog posts. I absolutely love being able to share thoughts and be relatable to others. I’m totally here for you! (Recording at the bottom) This week I was in a struggle puddle of self doubt. I feel that I should be further along in my life thanContinue reading “Exactly Where God Wants You”

PSA: Let it Go. Throw it out! You matter too!

*no recipes will be share just yet* 😉 Hey Friends! Want to hear something crazy? People kinda suck… though in their defense, I allowed it. Let me tell you a story if you don’t believe me. *Video listed for proof of throwing them out!!* #Accountability Back in 2020 when the world closed. ( sorry toContinue reading “PSA: Let it Go. Throw it out! You matter too!”

Stop Rushing God

Hey Friends,                                                                Morgan here! Have you ever had a week/month/year that tested your patience? Have you ever started crying and struggled to stop? Have you ever questioned your self-worth? Or even better yet, questioned your existence and wondered what God’s plan was for you? This was me this past week. When everything starts crashingContinue reading “Stop Rushing God”

Broken Can’t Fix Broken

I understand why you did it, I just don’t understand what I did to deserve it People always say it’s ‘their loss,’ though is it? Is it their loss for acting how they are? Is it their loss for allowing their behaviors to break relationships apart? Is it really their loss that the other personContinue reading “Broken Can’t Fix Broken”

Life Update: Love yourself enough to walk away🤘

Hey Friends! Back in August I walked away from a job that wasn’t serving me anymore. I spent an excessive amount of time there and I felt like every time I clocked in I was mentally checking out. The company’s ethics were outrageous and I couldn’t believe this was how they chose to treat peopleContinue reading “Life Update: Love yourself enough to walk away🤘”

27! Feeling Amazing!

Hey Friends, Morgan here! (AUDIO IS AT THE END) Thursday the 24th of February I turned 27! Wow! I remember being in high school thinking that 24 was going to take forever, and here we are at 27! As you read and listen to this blog post remind yourself that the comparison game is theContinue reading “27! Feeling Amazing!”

You DON’T Miss Them, Trust Me

Hey Friends! Today is looking a little different on my blog page. Since giving up social media I’ve come to pay more attention to my surroundings. It’s strange how one small device can have such a hold on someone. February 6th of this year I had alert that I spent over 4 hours on aContinue reading “You DON’T Miss Them, Trust Me”

You Are NOT Your Trauma

Hey Friends! Man, I desperately had a reality check today at church. Today we started a series on trauma and it’s exactly what I need. Almost as if God is placing these sermons at the right moment, right time, right year of my life. I recorded the majority of this blog because I truly struggledContinue reading “You Are NOT Your Trauma”