Choosing to be Unhappy

Choosing to Be Unhappy

Did you know that underneath that negativity and unhappiness hides a miserable soul? Being unhappy is actually a choice! Didn’t know that either did you? Now tell me if this sounds familiar!

No matter what is going on in their world they are never satisfied or happy with it. It could be sunny out and the perfect temperature and they would still find a way to complain about it. Know someone like this? I think we can all picture someone in our head who fits that exact criteria. In our own eyes we know that they are unhappy with their lives, or they just flat out annoy us.

What’s hurts me the most is that EVERY single one of these negative people know exactly what’s bringing them down. They know why they are so unhappy but don’t acknowledge that they are the only ones who can change that.

What I ask of you more optimistic people to do is to of course give them some grace. In their eyes the world looks different and it probably always will.You try and accept them, you may even try to help them. Their attitude is contagious and without knowing , you may become miserable too. 

If this is you, hear me out.

Quit your job.

Divorce your partner or get help for your problems. You know what’s wrong. Put your values in and change it! You married them for a reason. Whats different now? You’re not bored!

End that never ending relationship because let’s face it, you’ve both already cheated.

Get yourself a gym membership. You love how working out makes you feel!

Stop ‘looking’ for that ‘perfect someone’, and start working on yourself.

Fulfill your to do list. Start with small steps.

Meet with your doctor/counselor or other professional about your mental/physical health.

Go back to school. No matter how old you are.

Learn something new. Evolve with the world!

Ask yourself what you would tell someone else, if they were you.

Take a damn chance! Honestly, it will do you some good.

Because at the end of the day all of these things that are making you so unhappy, will always be there . It is your job to take control over your life and stop living in your unhappy bubble.

Now hey, don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to create more problems but if you are forever unhappy, take a good look in the mirror and understand that YOU are the only one in control of that happiness. You can start something new in your life! Don’t let yourself become just another miserable number in this world, you were created for a reason! You have the power to choose happiness! 

Depressing love stories. Where are our values. By: Morgan Johnson

First off, days without social media have brought me to enter my head more. I logged off Facebook and Instagram just a few days ago. Already has made me appreciate the world in front of me. It has taught me to change my perspective on how I view others; and the world. In a short week I’ve learned scary realities about people. How shallow, uneducated, ignorant, manipulative, and greedy we are. What’s created this arrogance in society? What’s caused people to alter themselves? What is wrong with just being who we are? What’s wrong with showing the world who we are? If we looked up from our devices every once in a while we could meet these destructive habits once and for all.
I have a question; is anyone else upset about this? I know I cannot be the only one who feels this way, right? If you step back from your phone, what would you learn about the world. What would you learn about yourself? It appalls me the addiction that comes with likes, and follows, and posting, scrolling, clicking, adding, subscribing, and constant selfie taking. Consider yourself an experiment.
My first annoyance that I would like to bring to the attention of others is how people view dating. I’m saddened to watch people constantly self-destruct. Divorces are more common then ever. Everyone wants what they can’t have, and it all happens with a click of a button. Don’t like your current situation? Add someone new on social media. Bored in your relationship? Scroll through your mutual friends list. You had one fight with them, well it’s OVER. Text your ex when you’re lonely? Check their page often? All you have to do is log online, search someone or something and BOOM it’s right where you want it, when you want it.  Why do we do this?!
I can’t believe how much has changed in the dating world. The element of surprise is mostly scarce anymore, along with loyalty at that. People tend to base their interest on someone over their online profiles before they meet them. HELLOW SERIAL KILLER, YOU’RE CUTE HIT ME UP. This leads to a general shallow choice on their part. Profiles and online information can be changed, deleted, misconstrued, and of course manipulated. EVERYONE ALWAYS LIES ON SOCIAL MEDIA.  People change their pictures and profile information to show others what they think the world wants to see. The world should see the real person. The world should accept people for who they are. Not what they portray on social media platforms. What are we teaching future generations?