Exactly Where God Wants You

Hey Friends!

Thank you for checking out my blog posts. I absolutely love being able to share thoughts and be relatable to others. I’m totally here for you! (Recording at the bottom)

This week I was in a struggle puddle of self doubt. I feel that I should be further along in my life than and I am and then other days I feel the opposite. Is this resonating with anyone? Do you ever feel like EVERYONE in your circle, friend group, co workers etc. are moving on in life and you’re stuck? That was me 100% this week.

Lately I’ve been up later due to my summer employment. Late night thoughts are kind of the best, aren’t they? Sure some of them scare the … you know what out of you. Though I have had the deepest and most profound ideas right before falling asleep. So much so that I now have a notebook on my night stand in case something brilliant pops up again. Just for the heck of it! You never know! Of course if I forget to write them down they are lost by the time I wake up.

The other night after work I had an overwhelming amount of anxiety rushing through me. For whatever reason my heart was doing circles and my head was a hot dumpster fire mess. I can blame it on the weather, my job, lack of xyz. Though what it all came down to was indefinitely feeling a lack of control. I was feeling like life was flying around me and all I was doing was standing still. There’s an excessive to-do list on my counter and I just don’t know where to begin? So here’s what I came up with at 11 a.m. on a Saturday night parked in front of our community garden.

1. Constant comparison is the key for a terrible life. It is also a thief of joy.

2. You are not where you want to be because you haven’t wanted it enough.

3. Happiness is a state of mind. Not a destination. If you keep searching for it you’ll never find it. Or you will never have enough of it.

4. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and on your knees is when you should pray. Even though you should be praying every day.

5. God could be keeping you from something terrible by not leading you exactly where you ask to go. God is not a genie also.. duh.

6. Control is an illusion. The more we strive for it the more we stress about it.

7. Small steps will lead you farther than big ones. Take every day at a time. Patients today is progress for tomorrow.

You start to see a trend here, right? Even though you aren’t where YOU think you should be, you absolutely are. God has a plan for you and it is even more amazing than you will ever know.

I’m learning to trust God and be still. Know that he is working in your life and will never leave you or forsake you.

I know you feel like you should be settled by now but it’s okay cause God’s got you! Don’t give up on him or yourself! You are exactly where you should be! Pray for the future, be still and wait on the lord.

Bloom right where you are! A perspective change might do you some good!!

Coaching website: https://www.patiencetodayprogresstomorrow.com/

Fear Can SUCK IT! You deserve better!

Hey Loves!

My sincere apologies, I have not been on here more often. I just finished my first official year as a teacher and here I am to enlighten you with more content about how I still have no idea what I’m doing.

They say:’ Nothing changes, if nothing changes.’ I believe that wholeheartedly. If you want your life to be different you HAVE to start acting different and being different. You can’t just expect an outcome to magically appear for you! I know; I also wished it worked that way too.

When setting goals for myself at 20 years old I thought for SURE I would know by 25 exactly what I wanted to do with my life. AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! I’m not 27 and still have no stinkin clue. It’s frustrating. I do know that people live their whole lives waiting for opportunities to fall magically onto their laps and it NEVER HAPPENS. I keep wishing and praying that GOD would just take the wheel and drive me to exactly where I need to go. At this destination I will be happy, confident, married, and content with life. Why can’t this just happen for me? I KNOW WHY!

God is not a magic genie first off. He’s not there to grant our wishes and fulfill each of our desires as we name them before him. He is amazing, all powerful, and all knowing. However, we are the ones who have free will to help ourselves make the life we want. God will be there to catch us and lead us, that is if we are willing to be still and listen to him.

This brings me to the real reason why I’m taking time to write this blog. As many of you know I personally am a runner for funner! Back into September I started running with the goal of being able to run at least 2 miles without stopping. I achieved this by February and then realized I was training all wrong. It all came full circle when I realized how over training and running to much was harming my body. Just like how running from my problems was ruining my relationships , emotional and spiritual health. It’s amazing how the two were so similar and intertwined. SCARY!

Looking back on the majority of my life I have RAN from instances where I definitely shouldn’t have. What I thought was just walking away was really just running from the inevitable. My problem is that I continue to do this time and time again. I guess I assumed I was just a major procrastinator. Though instead I came to terms that It’s not that I’m necessarily putting things off, I’m just running and avoiding at all costs. If you know me it’s not because I’m lazy. I fear the unknown of what may happen when reality is faced. I fear the eruption of emotions that will come to the surface. I run because it’s easier than facing and forgiving. Though is it?

Running away is just prolonging the inevitable.

Running away is basically selfish to those around you that need you to stand up and fight for whatever it is.

I’ve ran from relationships. Some for the better. Others I shouldn’t have.

I’ve always ran from family issues, this one started young. Living in another city helps keep this continuous.

I’ve ran from problems with my career. This one is because I don’t believe I’m worth more or that I don’t deserve more.

Running could be keeping me safe in my head. Though my intuition and heart know what I should be doing. Which is facing my fears head on and telling fear to suck it! This is my life!!

My mom actually of all people brought this to my attention this week. I’ve had some of this on my mind and I know exactly what I should start doing.

It begins with letting go of those fears. It starts will forgiving myself and forgiving others around me. I fear living with regrets of not facing what I was fearing.

What is it for you? What fears are you facing because you’re worried about what COULD happen?

Maybe something amazing will happen once you step out of your comfort zone. Even if it goes wrong at least you tried! At least you stepped out into the unknown. You never know what you’ve never known.

I think you get the picture! Here’s the recording for those of you who like to listen.

Hard Truths: Relationship Talk

Hard Truths: Relationship Talk: FREE TIME

Hey Friends, Morgan here! As a recovering people pleaser I still become mind boggled when people don’t show up like I think they will. 

You have this story in your head; right? You have this movie playing in your head; right? In this moment you are dreaming for the outcome you thought of beforehand, just to find out that it turned out exactly opposite of what you wanted. Crazy how life works like that isn’t it?


Now don’t get me wrong here we should always hope and pray for the best. Though also realize that people and circumstances happen on whatever terms they are supposed to. No matter what we predict in our heads.


I’d like to bring up 1 particular hard face about relationships that put me right in my place when I read about it. Did you know that no one is actually entitled to your free time? As strange as this may sound let me break it down.

No one is entitled to your free time. Which also means that YOU are not entitled to some else’s free time either; get the picture?

It becomes frustrating when roles are reversed doesn’t it?! I 100% agree. While it’s normal to want to spend time with people YOU are not entitled to whatever free time they have. Meaning that if they have 1 hour off in between jobs they don’t have to call you. They also don’t have to stop by after work if all they really want to do is sleep. Their time is their time, just like your time is your time. Owch..

Think of it this way: you’re in a relationship now and you just magically tell the other person that NO MATTER WHAT they are your LIFE now?! UM.. WHAT? They can’t do anything without you and vice-versa. Oh stop.

You decide to give everything up for them and sacrifice friends, hobbies, and your favorite job ever just because you’re with them. STOP IT! Stop it, stop it!!

One of the hardest truths to deal with in relationships of any kind is that the other person does NOT have to spend all of their time with you. Just like you do not have to spend your time with them and so on. Am I making sense now?

Ask yourself if you are giving up who you are to fit what THEY need? Or are they giving up who they are to fit what YOU need? Neither is healthy let me tell you. Control is an illusion and we sometimes can’t get over that.

I learned the hard way that just because a friend of mine is in town (after not seeing them 5 years), they do NOT have to stop their life to make plans with me. Should they? Will they? That’s all up in the air and definitely out of my control. 

I would sit and stew over the fact that a guy I liked was posting on social at the same concert or whatever as me, and never even said a word to me. So what, right? Or that someone I was texting didn’t call me after work and instead went out with friends. Alright so when we feel our control and situations not turning out like we want what happened? Become stressed and focus on the worst. Energy flows with that focus and this all could have just been avoided. Or this happens…

 We may complain and ask for more time with that person.. And then we turn around and ask for space from the very same person we wanted more time with.

Remember that we are all human and our time is precious. I’m not saying your friend, boyfriend, whatever has an excuse to be away from you all the time I’m just attempting to change your perspective of how you see their time and your time. Don’t expect people to stop loving what they do just because your insecure about it.

You could also just have a conversation about it. Wild I know!

I remember asking my friends why my ex wanted to be away from me so much. Truthfully he wanted to hunt and work was stressful. I honestly should of respected his needs. If the tables were turned I would have wanted his understanding when I wanted to workout at 4.A.M. We add an excessive amount of stress in our lives when we seek controlling over everything!

LET GOD HANDLE IT! He has a plan 🙂

It also means that the person you are seeing is allowed to stop texting you while they are.. IDK  at work, busy, out with friends, at the gym, with their family, doing their hobby. Just as you are okay to do the same.  Trust me when I tell you that the les control you try to have over some else’s time; the more peace you will have in your own life.

Some of us spend an incredible amount of time feeling frustrated when we aren’t texted 24/7, when our SO leaves us on ‘read’ for over an hour. What is this non sense worth to you? Does stressing out about it help the situation?… um.. NO!

So what should you do for yourself? Start by respecting your own time, energy and peace. If you would rather stay home alone tonight than do it! If you need a girls/guys night than so be it! If you want to hangout with the cutie you like then talk to them about it. I just want people to understand how valuable our time is here and that we do not have to just magically give it away because we can’t say no.

Ask yourself what’s something you’ve wanted to do in your free time and instead spent in misery or just disrespecting yourself?

Do your thing, love who you are, and let your time be valued and respected. Your time is precious and can be earned and not just a given!

PSA: Let it Go. Throw it out! You matter too!

*no recipes will be share just yet* 😉

Hey Friends! Want to hear something crazy? People kinda suck… though in their defense, I allowed it.

Let me tell you a story if you don’t believe me.

*Video listed for proof of throwing them out!!* #Accountability

Back in 2020 when the world closed. ( sorry to bring it up) I started making protein donuts as a side hustle. Little did I know that this would bring on business, extra cash, and stress x 10000000.

I started out with just a few orders here and there and before you knew it a local food store/ restaurant in town was selling them for me. You would think I was on cloud freaking 9. Though I was the most miserable on the inside as I’ve ever been.

I literally bent over backwards for people and here’s where it broke me:

Friends stopped paying me after I drove my happy self to their location saying: ‘ oh I’ll get you next time.’ REALLY?!

People ordered and never showed up.

I was running to Walmart at least every other day for supplies. As well as buying new donut maker machines 1x per week to keep up with the demand.

I ran around about 18 hours of the day and sleep was basically non existent.

While baking, delivery and clean up I rarely ever ate anything or drank water.

People I knew and cared about tool advantage of my time, energy and resources; all for a box of protein donuts. I had texts from grown ass adults throwing tiny human fits whenever I was out for the day or couldn’t make anymore.. FFS

I love being someone who helps others; though I was losing myself, and my sanity for that matter. Was this worth it? I would say it was worth the lesson!!

I learned that boundaries are important. Boundaries are crucial to our own values, morals, and things we hold close to our hearts. Your shit matters too!

I was absolutely blown away at how people treated my side hustle; though in their defense I never said NO.

‘I was scared to put up boundaries,’ said the recovering people pleaser. I was absolutely terrified to let people down. When in reality the person I let down the most was myself.

I can honestly tell you that summer I rarely went outside. I was on my phone for about 90% of my day. My ex would ever refer to situations as ‘ well are you donut level stressed, or just stressed?’ Yikes.

I’ve kept these around just in case I start it up again..Though even taking them out of the cup board brings on a tiny panic attack.

After throwing these away today I felt more like myself!! I can still love, cherish, and take care of people but it does NOT have to cost me everything I am. 🤘✌️

What’s something you need to let go of in order to be the best version of you?

Help Yourself:Health Addition

Hey friends!

Morgan here! Most of you know this about me already, but I love researching health stuff!! Especially things that fall in line with myself or my clients.

Over the course of my life I’ve continually dealt with light headed ness periods and extreme fatigue at certain times of the day; to the point I have just about fallen asleep driving! Yikes! As well as wounds that are slow to heal, and so on. During these times I’ve had lab work done, doctor visits, and 2nd opinions given. The majority of my medical caregivers have said I am healthy; which if you just look at my weight, I am. They’ve said I have low iron, and my thyroid levels can be off. But you know what… there’s medication for that.

Ha. Fat chance.

Back about 2 months ago I ended up with a stress fracture. 3.5 weeks in a aircast and also not running to heal and help the pain subside.

It still hasn’t felt 100%.

During the first meeting with my PT he asked me if I’ve ever had issues with eating. I was perplexed because no one had ever asked me this before. He knew exactly why my injury happened so quickly and why it was slow to heal. Anorexia and living in a caloric deficiency.

I opened up to him about it and he shared concerns with me about what can happen down the road. He was majorly concerned about bone density issues as well as reproductive issues.

Friends for about 1/2 of my life I’ve lived basically in a caloric deficit. And it has finally caught up with me. I will admit it scared me to think about what has happened over time.

The majority of the day for my body is spent under stress because it is burning more than it’s taking in. This can lead to a plethora of problems.

You know what’s crazy though?!

Not one person until now (medically) has asked me about my eating habits. All they have done is treat my symptoms and I’m on my way out.

I definitely don’t blame them! Doctors aren’t always considering the diet aspects of people’s lives. When they do tell patients to eat healthier it’s insane what information is given and patients tend to be misguided.

Now, don’t get me wrong they are all trying to make a living and I respect that. Though for yourself think about being more of an advocate for your health. If It was up to them I’d be on all kinds of prescription meds for hormones amongst other things. Is that how I want to live my life?! Absolutely not!!

Friends don’t ever be afraid to stuck up for your health and wellbeing! Doctors know things, yes, but they are in practice for a reason. What works for some definitely won’t for others. Listen to your body and take action for yourself! You deserve that!

For now I am working at training my body to slowly eat more. I eat my regular meals and add in snacks to keep my blood sugar regular and my body from going into starvation mode. Work in progress forever!!

Work in progress 🤘💕

Stop Rushing God

Hey Friends,                                                               

Morgan here!

Have you ever had a week/month/year that tested your patience?

Have you ever started crying and struggled to stop?

Have you ever questioned your self-worth?

Or even better yet, questioned your existence and wondered what God’s plan was for you?

This was me this past week.

When everything starts crashing at exactly the same time; you tend to wonder what life is even about. You wonder what the deal is and why the universe tens to try you again, and again. It frustrates you to the point where all you want to do is fight back; but you’re left more confused and hopeless than before. Struggling has just become a part of the normal for you but you’re just done with it. Is any of this sounding familiar?

Now, not that I am starting a pitty party; no way. There are reasons for everything that happens even when we don’t understand. Moments like these are where we are asked to lean on our faith more; though it’s harder, we have to trust God. It’s tough to remember that in difficult times God is always there for us and is making a way for us.

The hardest take away from my pain this week was that there is purpose in all of this.

There’s a reasonmy car started giving me problems and eventually the engine blew out.

There’s a reason my small shin splints turned into a stress fracture.

There’s a reason why guys I’ve been seeing have been the same old, same old.

There’s a reason my savings account keeps decreasing more than it’s increasing.

Would you like to know why?


I keep doing the (some) of the same old, same old things, and expect different results. THAT’S the definition of INSANITY.


God is teaching me that there is a purpose in my pain and that if I keep trying to do these things the exact same way there will be even more pain. And that I need to STOP rushing God’s plan!

God knows what he’s doing with my life. God knows exactly why he created you.

BE still and know he is God and he is always there.

Stop trying to rush the life you know you can’t grow through alone.

Leave your dang dumpster fire to smolder and breathe! Wisdom comes from stepping back behind God not going infront of him.


Check out this read :Redeeming Heartache: How Past Suffering Reveals Our True Calling https://www.amazon.com/dp/0310362016/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_SYK8X9KWV6TCX88JTB2E


Broken Can’t Fix Broken

I understand why you did it, I just don’t understand what I did to deserve it

People always say it’s ‘their loss,’ though is it?

Is it their loss for acting how they are?

Is it their loss for allowing their behaviors to break relationships apart?

Is it really their loss that the other person always hurts more?

Is it really their loss when you weren’t the one they fought for?

Is it their loss for continuing to destroy what is ever in their way?

Is it their loss for you hoping change would come someday?


It is their fault for pretending to be who they are not

It is their fault for lying and manipulating your thoughts

It is their fault for ruining good things that come their way

It is their fault for not fighting for you to stay

It is their fault for not taking accountability for their own shit

It is their fault for not communicating and hiding from it

It is their fault for allowing something amazing to walk out for good


Looking back at what happened remember that damaged can’t help damaged. If you’re broken help yourself before you break someone else too. You both deserve to be with someone who knows what they want and understands their faults too. Whether you’re the one who breaks it off or they do, learn from it. Grow from your mistakes, and the mistakes of others. Too many relationships end and are dysfunctional as a result of broken dating broken.


One of the hardest things is to fix yourself before you break someone else. Remember what you’ve been through and ask if it’s worth doing that to someone else? The cycle will keep repeating if no one decides to get off, remember that!

 Favorite self help read: #amazonaffiliate

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero https://www.amazon.com/dp/1529343763/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_M79V97XXMKAAY6PBDETF

Your Body Needs You! Pt. 1

Hey Friends!

As many of you know I love health and wellness research! I am a certified health and life coach from the Health Coach Institute!

That being said; currently I am on a mission to solve this major blood sugar increase that’s happening in our society today. Do you know what’s causing it? Not genetics alone, OUR DIET.

Increased insulin levels alone can be what’s making your life miserable. It can cause mood issues, hormonal problems, PMS issues, weight gain, less sleep, more exhaustion. The list goes on and on.

So where am I going with this any way? We need to watch more of what we eat! It’s not thay you can’t ever have sugar, it’s more that you shouldn’t make it a main ingredient in your daily routine! Check out my favorite Funtional Medicine Dr. Mark Hyman and his book. The Blood Sugar Solution.

For years at about 3 p.m. I’ve been falling asleep or just about asleep. It scares me! I’ve always thought I was eating healthy and on track. Turns out I had been majorly crashing and burning from I insulin fluctuations. In order to counter act this I would drink more caffeine or have a snack with mostly sugar or carbs. Guess what happened? It made my tireness worse and I would spike high and crash before driving home. Totally not the best feeling, let me tell you.

Once I started research I learned this is a common thing for many people. Except I’m learning how to reverse it! The majority will continue on their destructive paths until a health crisis happens. Which is why I want others to read this and question what they eat too!!

About 2 weeks ago I started checking my blood sugar regularly after eating. Each person spikes differently with different foods. Check out my video below to see how and why I started healthier eating recently. The people I’m taking about in my video are Dr. MARK Hyman and Jessie Inchauspe.

Glucose monitor I use:Limited-time deal: AUVON Blood Sugar Test Kit, High-Tech Glucose Monitor, Diabetes Testing Kit with 50 Glucometer Strips and 50 30G Lancets, I-QARE DS-W Blood Glucose Monitoring System (No Coding Required) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TVLNL4Q/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_dl_RY53K15Q1BD64SZS557Q

You Are Worth More..

Hey Friends Morgan Here!!

The inspiration for this post came from life experiences. Hate to break it to you but SOME people just suck. Whew.. glad I got it off my chest!

Friends remind yourself of your worth and you will STOP giving people discounts. I’m here to remind you that YOU MATTER TOO!

I know you want a real relationship and you want to be loved and valued. Is it worth losing who you are though just to be someone’s ‘sometimes?’

You are work so much more than a drunk text.

You are worth more than a 2.a.m. lonely call.

You are worth so much more than just a hook up.

You don’t deserve to be just an option for someone.

You are worth more than letting people tear down your boundaries.

You don’t need to keep saying sorry!

People will treat you how you let them treat you! So stop it!

Don’t answer next time they call, UBER is a real thing.

Don’t answer their text messages because lonely will find each other and it doesn’t need to be at your vacancy.

What do you really want for yourself? This cycle doesn’t have to keep going!

You are worth all the love you are searching for!

Starts with you though!!