Hey Friends Morgan here! Yes, it’s official, I am 28 today! 2/24 🙂 Also, happy 2023! I cannot believe we are just about to March already. WHEW! Friends when I woke up this morning I just knew I had things to write about! Granted 28 is not 88 or even 48, though with age comesContinue reading “28! WOAH MAN!”

PSA: Let it Go. Throw it out! You matter too!

*no recipes will be share just yet* 😉 Hey Friends! Want to hear something crazy? People kinda suck… though in their defense, I allowed it. Let me tell you a story if you don’t believe me. *Video listed for proof of throwing them out!!* #Accountability Back in 2020 when the world closed. ( sorry toContinue reading “PSA: Let it Go. Throw it out! You matter too!”

Stop Rushing God

Hey Friends,                                                                Morgan here! Have you ever had a week/month/year that tested your patience? Have you ever started crying and struggled to stop? Have you ever questioned your self-worth? Or even better yet, questioned your existence and wondered what God’s plan was for you? This was me this past week. When everything starts crashingContinue reading “Stop Rushing God”

Broken Can’t Fix Broken

I understand why you did it, I just don’t understand what I did to deserve it People always say it’s ‘their loss,’ though is it? Is it their loss for acting how they are? Is it their loss for allowing their behaviors to break relationships apart? Is it really their loss that the other personContinue reading “Broken Can’t Fix Broken”

27! Feeling Amazing!

Hey Friends, Morgan here! (AUDIO IS AT THE END) Thursday the 24th of February I turned 27! Wow! I remember being in high school thinking that 24 was going to take forever, and here we are at 27! As you read and listen to this blog post remind yourself that the comparison game is theContinue reading “27! Feeling Amazing!”

Emotions Keep Us Where We Are.. Seriously.

Have you every thought about that before? Your emotions could be what’s keeping you from the outcome you desire.WHY?! Why do new routines suck?Why is change opposition?Why does the phrase ‘going on a diet’ make you feel like anything fun in life is over? Emotions! Literally that’s it! Does it feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHINGContinue reading “Emotions Keep Us Where We Are.. Seriously.”

Starve Your Distractions, Feed Your Focus

Or feed your distractions and starve your focus. What’s real for you? Hey Friends! Sorry it has been a while. I have had plenty of content to post and now finally doing it! Woop! Today I wanted to discuss the power that distractions have on our focus, and on our overall health and wellbeing. ListedContinue reading “Starve Your Distractions, Feed Your Focus”

Old Keys Won’t Open New Opportunity Doors

Hey Friends! I’m thankful you’re here! Check out my latest recording on those ‘keys’ in our lives. Ever wondered why using an old key won’t unlock a new door? Trust me you’re not the only one. We try time and time again to use old ways, old habits, and old beliefs to unlock new opportunitiesContinue reading “Old Keys Won’t Open New Opportunity Doors”

Don’t Let Life Make You Stop

Hey Friends it’s Morgan here. Life quite frankly just stopped me right in my tracks, and I will be honest; I needed it. No don’t get me wrong I hate being sick, but I needed life to stop me and here’s why. Recording is listed here if you’re into that. Here’s basically what I figuredContinue reading “Don’t Let Life Make You Stop”

Wellness Today or Illness Tomorrow

Hey Friends! In this recording I discuss the importance of taking care of ourselves. Yep there she GOES AGAIN.😉😜 Self Care is an extremely lose term and many of us don’t take it seriously. Here’s why you should When we are on the go and forget to stop and take time for ourselves here’s whatContinue reading “Wellness Today or Illness Tomorrow”