Hey Friends Morgan here! Yes, it’s official, I am 28 today! 2/24 🙂 Also, happy 2023! I cannot believe we are just about to March already. WHEW! Friends when I woke up this morning I just knew I had things to write about! Granted 28 is not 88 or even 48, though with age comesContinue reading “28! WOAH MAN!”

Your Priorities Tell On You

Hey Friends, Morgan here. When you saw this blog post title, what were your first thoughts? Did you feel judged, or called out? Me TOO! Like who in their right mind wants to tell me what I should be doing. Though in reality; we all know what we SHOULD be adding to our priorities list.Continue reading “Your Priorities Tell On You”

Head Before Habits

Hey Friends! I’ll keep this short and sweet; start working on your head before you start habit change. Does this make any sense? What I mean by this is that whatever is holding you back will not be solved with a new set of workout clothes. Your negative thoughts about habit change won’t dissolve withContinue reading “Head Before Habits”

Running To What’s Familiar- Yes Please

Hey Friends! Thank you for listening and reading through my blogs. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read, wander, think, and relate to my posts. Prayer and audio are at the end. 🙂 The title of my blog basically explains itself. We all tend to run to what’s familiar. While running away from whatContinue reading “Running To What’s Familiar- Yes Please”

Don’t Snooze Your Life Away

Hey Friends!! Question of the day/year/ month/ lifetime. Where in YOUR life are you hitting the SNOOZE button? Where in your life are you KEEPING, PAUSING, SABOTAGING, yourself? THINK ABOUT IT! In this video I talk about my recent Snooze stopping habit that I have been trying to incorporate every single day. For the pastContinue reading “Don’t Snooze Your Life Away”

God Hears You Babe,

Hey Friends, Morgan here! Audio at the end 🙂 My blogs have started taking on more faith-filled content. (if that’s a word?) This is amazing for me as my relationship with my creater has never been closer. Even when I start to notice the weighs of the world dragging me down, I know to justContinue reading “God Hears You Babe,”

Our World’s Identity Crisis

Hey Friends! Morgan here! AUDIO IS AT THE END 🙂 My recent postings have been all linked to my coaching business and I wanted to take a side step today. Today’s blog will be on faith and finding out who we truely are meant to be. If you take a second and pause with me:Continue reading “Our World’s Identity Crisis”

Current Update: 75 Day Challenge Days 1- 11

Hey Friends! It’s Morgan here. Earlier this summer I finalized and released a 75 Day No More Self-Sabotage Challenge to help people change their habits for the better. After releasing I decided that I myself should try this out for the full 75 Days! Yes I am being upfront and honest; before being release IContinue reading “Current Update: 75 Day Challenge Days 1- 11”

Save Yourself From Your Head

FRIENDS!! I want to come on here and be all sweet and innocent and apologize for said missing blogs, but I can’t do that authentically. This summer break has been phenomenal for me in that my self care game is just about perfect. Except for 1 tiny detail, SNOOZE has been my bestie. I thinkContinue reading “Save Yourself From Your Head”

75 Day No More Self Sabotage Challenge Is OUT!!

Hey friends! I’m so excited to share this news with everyone!! Check out the video links below for more information! You totally need this in your life! Website link: http://www.patiencetodayprogresstomorrow.com