Hey Friends Morgan here! Yes, it’s official, I am 28 today! 2/24 🙂

Also, happy 2023! I cannot believe we are just about to March already. WHEW!

Friends when I woke up this morning I just knew I had things to write about! Granted 28 is not 88 or even 48, though with age comes wisdom. I have learned so many amazing things in my 28 years on earth and cannot wait to see what the rest of God’s plan looks like for me. So here are a few things I would love to share my 28 years of wisdom on. P.S if you want true wisdom talk to your grandparents🥰😍

  1. Stop Settling. Whether it’s a job, relationship, friendship, subscription, stupid TV service, or club you hate being in, STOP IT. You know you deserve better and want something different for yourself, so MOVE on and GET IT! We love what is comfortable and easy, but that WILL cost you in the long run. Who wants to be 88 with regrets from something you could have SHUT DOWN 60 years ago. Remember, if they wanted to, they WOULD 🤷🏽‍♀️ Actions>> Words. ALWAYS.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA ISN’T 100% REAL. Your real life keeps taking a back seat to your social media life. No no. People post their best days with a FILTER. Look beyond your phone. Have you ever stepped away from your phone long enough to see what’s actually in front of you? I guarantee you that you’ve missed out on things by being on your phone instead. Social media makes people crave attention and acceptance that isn’t true attention or acceptance. What people post is 99.99% of what they want people to see of them and not actually who they are. Look up once in a while, and take life for what it is sometimes. ALSO, delete,take breaks, or ghost your social media once in a while, be crazy and go outside from time to time. Life has so much to give you and teach you and SHOW you if you choose to be present and live in the moment. OFF soap box…
  3. Comparison is a THEIF of joy! First off, I want you to know that I am SO proud of you. If you threw your happy self out of bed and made it to work on time, THAT’S AMAZING; just saying. Spending your days comparing your journey to others will only leave you jealous, depressed, and longing for something that may not even be meant for you. God created you, and you are his masterpiece! He did not make you like anyone else for a reason, babe! Be you and love yourself for that. There are SO many people watching your journey, and cannot believe how far you have come. Celebrate yourself more and watch other people less. Let people be who they are, and you be YOU. I wish that I had learned this sooner. There have been SO many times that I have sat and watched other people’s journies and wished I could have the same experience. This robbed me of loving myself and accepting who God created me to be. You will miss out on the joys of your own life if you’re constantly comparing.
  4. Setbacks create amazing combacks! Life WILL knock you down.. spoiler alert. Sometimes when this happens all you want to do is stay in bed and wallow in self pitty. Now, you can feel sorry for youself for a while, go through the 5 stages of grief and that’s okay. However, the way you learn from that setback, how you react and change your course of action, is ultimately going to create the best COMEBACK. Life is not happening to YOU, it is happening FOR YOU. Learn from it, move on, swipe left, delete, block, throw away, whatever you need, just don’t stop moving forward. Action. Effort and Consistency.
  5. Trust you GUT and Pray on it! Choose YOU for once. Friends you know that weird feeling in your chest or your gut when something is off or doesn’t feel right. That’s God’s nudge to you. How things make you feel can ultimately help you understand what’s meant for you. Pray about your circumstances, and the path ahead of you will unfold at the right time. Put God’s plan before your plan.🙏
  6. Lastly,not everyone wants the best for you. Some people are friends or acquainted with you to benefit themselves. These people tend to want to know more about your life than just being by you in life. Good friends are proud and supportive. If you want to know who you 3a.m. major life crisis come to the rescue friends are ask yourself who you would call if that happened. I bet you that deletes about 90% of your ‘friends’ list. You deserve people who love you like Jesus loves you. ❤️

Thank you for reading! You’re amazing! Cheers to another trip around the sun!

And drink your water! 😉

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I say things. Love yourself, be weird. Embrace your dumpster 🔥.

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