Your Priorities Tell On You

Hey Friends, Morgan here.

When you saw this blog post title, what were your first thoughts?

Did you feel judged, or called out? Me TOO! Like who in their right mind wants to tell me what I should be doing.

Though in reality; we all know what we SHOULD be adding to our priorities list.

This past Sunday at church our Pastor said; ‘Our Priorities Tell On Us.’ And you know what? He’s 100% right! Good.. bad.. and otherwise. So here’s how this relates to everyone. Plain and simple. What we choose to fill our time with is what we feel matters at that moment. Even the things we hope to change in the future.

The conversation started out by talking about busyness and how in our busyness we are missing out. We miss out on the things that aren’t always on our schedules. The meetings, new habits, counseling sessions, dates with our loves, coffee dates, and present moments; these things we make excuses not to prioritize. Instead we fill our schedules with the mundane life happenings that maybe don’t even matter that much to us. Things like signing our tiny humans up for 5 different sporting events so we feel like they are included and have all the opportunities. Like how we stay at work for 12 hours because we are avoiding that ‘conversation’ with our spouse. We think we are creating more purpose in life when in reality it leads to more dysfunction and destruction.

What are we avoiding in our busyness? YEP. I went there.


If you tell me your priorities I will SHOW you your future. Scary, huh?

Think about this though. Where you spend the most of your time, that’s where you are. Where you are showing up to are the most important thing to you at this moment in time. I don’t have the perfect solution. Though I do know what has helped me evolve into a better version of me.

  1. Think about your day to day activities. Write down your daily schedule. From the time you wake up, til you fall asleep. What are you actively doing? Or what are you doing to avoid what you REALLY want to do?
  2. Where do you ‘waste’ time the most? It could be on social media. It could also be being avoiding something in your day by hitting snooze often. Take the word ‘waste’ and think about instead where you are filling time with unnecessary things. What’s going to serve the future you more?
  3. How can you set boundaries there? Time limits? Hangout in a different place on Friday nights? Stay home and save money. Read a book. Take a class. Delete your family member from your bank account. Make your ex use their own DisneyPlus. Using the words ‘no or no thank you’ with power. If it’s not serving you for the better it does NOT belong in your life…. period.
  4. Let IT GO. Throw it out. Swipe Left. Delete. Block. Regroup. Redefine. Breathe. Pray about it. You GO THIS BABE!

Video Below.

Thanks so much for watching and reading.

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