Current Update: 75 Day Challenge Days 1- 11

Hey Friends!

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It’s Morgan here.

Earlier this summer I finalized and released a 75 Day No More Self-Sabotage Challenge to help people change their habits for the better. After releasing I decided that I myself should try this out for the full 75 Days! Yes I am being upfront and honest; before being release I did not fully complete 75 Days of said things.  I was trying 21 day things and then 50 days and so on. Finally deciding to complete this for myself I wanted to let you know how the challenge is going thus far.

I am currently on day 11 I believe. My end date will be sometime around October 11thish. Seems like forever away!! Though I  can’t believe it’s been 11 days already completing these 7 tasks. I can say honestly that I have NOT missed any days or any items on the to-do list. This is something I am proud of myself for and want my clients to know is attainable.

What I’ve learned about myself during these 11 days is that I have more discipline than I ever thought that I did. I always knew that it was there, it just took this challenge to bring it to fruition! YAY!

First of all most of you will come to me complaining about the level of discipline you think you have; which for most is zero. I’ve had many clients reach out and tell me this challenge is just something they wish they could do but don’t have enough motivation for it. Honey, just know that it’s not that you are out of motivation, you are just not disciplined like you want. It honestly is totally do-able for anyone, any fitness level, any age level, and so on.

Second of all I learned that in order to complete the things I need to accomplish on my list I don’t need more ‘time’: I just need to stop doing the stupid nonsense that I was doing. Plain and simple if you want something different you can’t keep doing what you’re already doing. For me I always assumed that my schedule was SO packed that I couldn’t add even 1 more thing to it. When in reality I was spending ridiculous amounts of time with the wrong people, too much time on my phone, and not taking advantage of the abilities I was given. I had an update on my phone that I spent 6 hours on Instagram that week and just shut down. I know for others it’s more but I felt like I had struck a nerve and it was time for this to go. There’s not a magic wand to bring any of that time back friends! Use your hours here investing in what’s going to help you become the best version of yourself.  This includes social media, but can also be : friends, negative co-workers, terrible and depressing music, unhealthy food choices, poor sleep routine, and you get the picture. Where are you wasting your time? Stop telling yourself that ‘ when I have MORE TIME I will start….’ Or ‘Someday I’ll do…” Quit giving up on yourself babe!


Third, and this one is crucial!! YOU DO NOT NEED SOCIAL MEDIA TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE. Just believe me! I have felt an even greater connection to my higher power, family, friends, co-workers, job, and so on by living off social media. Now I know you are rolling your eyes because that’s how you choose to communicate with people whether its business or for fun/pleasure. You do what you enjoy. Though the more time you spend off social media working on real connections with people; the more purposeful your life will be. Right away when I logged out of my apps, deleted, and took them off my phone I had serious FOML syndrome.  I was worried a potential client was going to reach out and need me. (you have email) Or I would miss out on important life events of my close friends and family. (hey they have your number) And over and over my head spun with this for a few days. After about day 4 I realized that the most important people (closest people in my life) could call me, text me, email me. The rest didn’t matter as much. Not being mean here just stating facts. You do know that 85%  of your Facebook friends are jealous and snoopy , right? Please tell me you know this?!! In that case you don’t need that nonsense anyways!! I have never felt more connected to my tribe than I do now. Social media creates an excessive amount of FOML, anxiety issues, depression, self-deprecation, and for some even OVER SPENDING.


I love that on day 11 I feel more like myself than I have in quite a while. This was exactly what I needed to kick myself in gear for my future self. Friends you owe it to yourself to invest in your life . Imagine what could happen if you started RIGHT NOW! Not tomorrow, not ‘someday’, if you started TODAY! What is your life worth to you? Are you sick of staying where you are? I sure was!!


I cannot wait to share what the next few weeks, and months will be like for me!

Please shoot me an email @ and after payment I will send you a copy of the 75 Day Challenge to do yourself!

Best part is I am just an email away for accountability!! Or we can schedule a phone/video call too!









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