Save Yourself From Your Head

FRIENDS!! I want to come on here and be all sweet and innocent and apologize for said missing blogs, but I can’t do that authentically.

This summer break has been phenomenal for me in that my self care game is just about perfect. Except for 1 tiny detail, SNOOZE has been my bestie. I think I’ve brought this up before in the past about my self-sabotage is hitting snooze when I know I should be doing x..y… z. Now, if you ask me as a coach what to do about that I would have the most profound answer on habit change and how to get your happy self out of bed with fire and passion every single day. So why can’t I do this for myself then? FEAR.!

I am genuinely afraid of what could go RIGHT if I wake up early, venture to the gym, get on top of my coaching for the day, and then do other fun and necessary things. It scares me knowing that I could be successful. BUT WHY?! Because friends.. I have NO clue what that is like. Most people aren’t afraid of becoming successful. And for me this is the #1 reason I procrastinate. What is it for you?

Recently I listened to a podcast about getting out of your own head. Robert Dial the Mindset Mentor spoke on this topic and my mind was blown. I felt called out for once and knew exactly how I should execute my next steps. Even as a health and life coach we need our own lifeguards sometimes too; and I forget that! So here I am telling you to not let fear get in your way of becoming the best version of you!

In his podcast there was an astounding statistic about people taking an electric shock over sitting alone with their thoughts. FOR WHY? We don’t want to deal with what’s going on in our heads. We don’t want to think about the what ifs. When running is what you know, that is where you will always go. UNTIL YOU STOP. Until you look internally enough to deal or allow things to come to the surface.

I had written a blog post about ‘ Let Me Be Busy.’ About running away from emotional distress by filling our schedules to avoid the inevitable. When facing leads to less anxiety and greater coping skills in the long run.

What is it in your life that you are scared of? Has this even happened? Most of what we worry about never happens anyways. Check out the audio to this!

Thanks friends!



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