Imagine Control

Hey Friends!

Last Sunday at church I felt like I was Called out! And you know what?! I totally deserved it!(Audio is at the end)

Last Sunday our Pastor discussed control, and how we have a complete illusion of control. We are terrified when life is out of control; so we try to play God and attempt control on our own. Yes we can control our reactions to life happenings and what we do moving forward. Life is happening around us. God is the only one who is in full control! Amen?

Now, over my lifetime I have learned more and more about letting things go. The only person’s actions I can actually control are my own. Other people’s actions are always unexpected! We want control over them, but it’s just not possible.

Alright, so here’s where I was 100% called out! IMAGE CONTROL.

Have you ever posted about your life drama on Facebook? Or maybe the opposite, you’ve boasted about something? YEP

Have you ever over shared about your family, relationship, or personal life on social media? When in reality wasn’t the real truth. YEP

Have you ever posted something on social media with intent to get attention of some sort? YEP

Have you ever wanted a certain person/ group of people to take your post or picture a certain way? And only want just a select few to like or comment? YEP

Have you ever purposely changed your look or behavior based on someone else’s post? YEP

Have you ever started an argument with someone on social media in hopes that they see another side of you? YEP

Have you ever been disappointed when someone you wanted to like your post, didn’t? YEP

You’re going to say you have NEVER done these things. Or that you’ve NEVER even thought about these things. Don’t lie to yourself. It’s okay! There’s always a reset button! Surrender!

I logged off social media right after church that day (1 week ago today) and have felt an overwhelming amount of emotions come out of this.

I was spending an excessive amount of time trying to prove my life to others; for what?

I was posting selfie after selfie showing my exes (and their friends) I was better off without them; for what?

I took pictures of myself working out to prove that even alone I am stronger than ever. (Somewhat lie) for what?!

I was sucked in to scroll after scroll session, day after day, wanting to be like other people; for what?

Friends you were NOT created to live a life based on the opinions and judgments of other people. You are so much better than that!

If you’re struggling online, you’re struggling even more off line. Go help yourself💕

We can’t waste our live trying to control what people see of us. Eventually you know for a fact the truth will come out and then it will be harder to deal with.

I’m praying you find the strength to stop letting social media control what people see of you. I pray that you love yourself first and choose God to help you control the rest.

After 1 week I have felt so much grace for my future and excitement for people to see the real me every single day!

Recorded 2/6/22

Published by Optimistic Dumpster Fire🔥✝️

I say things. Love yourself, be weird. Embrace your dumpster 🔥.

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