Your Priorities Tell On You

Hey Friends, Morgan here.

When you saw this blog post title, what were your first thoughts?

Did you feel judged, or called out? Me TOO! Like who in their right mind wants to tell me what I should be doing.

Though in reality; we all know what we SHOULD be adding to our priorities list.

This past Sunday at church our Pastor said; ‘Our Priorities Tell On Us.’ And you know what? He’s 100% right! Good.. bad.. and otherwise. So here’s how this relates to everyone. Plain and simple. What we choose to fill our time with is what we feel matters at that moment. Even the things we hope to change in the future.

The conversation started out by talking about busyness and how in our busyness we are missing out. We miss out on the things that aren’t always on our schedules. The meetings, new habits, counseling sessions, dates with our loves, coffee dates, and present moments; these things we make excuses not to prioritize. Instead we fill our schedules with the mundane life happenings that maybe don’t even matter that much to us. Things like signing our tiny humans up for 5 different sporting events so we feel like they are included and have all the opportunities. Like how we stay at work for 12 hours because we are avoiding that ‘conversation’ with our spouse. We think we are creating more purpose in life when in reality it leads to more dysfunction and destruction.

What are we avoiding in our busyness? YEP. I went there.


If you tell me your priorities I will SHOW you your future. Scary, huh?

Think about this though. Where you spend the most of your time, that’s where you are. Where you are showing up to are the most important thing to you at this moment in time. I don’t have the perfect solution. Though I do know what has helped me evolve into a better version of me.

  1. Think about your day to day activities. Write down your daily schedule. From the time you wake up, til you fall asleep. What are you actively doing? Or what are you doing to avoid what you REALLY want to do?
  2. Where do you ‘waste’ time the most? It could be on social media. It could also be being avoiding something in your day by hitting snooze often. Take the word ‘waste’ and think about instead where you are filling time with unnecessary things. What’s going to serve the future you more?
  3. How can you set boundaries there? Time limits? Hangout in a different place on Friday nights? Stay home and save money. Read a book. Take a class. Delete your family member from your bank account. Make your ex use their own DisneyPlus. Using the words ‘no or no thank you’ with power. If it’s not serving you for the better it does NOT belong in your life…. period.
  4. Let IT GO. Throw it out. Swipe Left. Delete. Block. Regroup. Redefine. Breathe. Pray about it. You GO THIS BABE!

Video Below.

Thanks so much for watching and reading.


Running To What’s Familiar- Yes Please

Hey Friends!

Thank you for listening and reading through my blogs. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read, wander, think, and relate to my posts.

Prayer and audio are at the end. 🙂

The title of my blog basically explains itself. We all tend to run to what’s familiar. While running away from what could be the best thing for us.

This morning at church our pastor opened up with talking about how we run away from fear.. all the time. During this sermon I knew exactly what I wanted to write my next blog about; running away from our problems, while also running to what’s causing all of our problems. BOOM.

Let me know if you can relate to any of these things.

I run from people who love me, while also running to people who broke me.

I run from healthy relationships because I’m terrified they won’t love the real me.

I run back to broken people to feel comfort in my brokenness.

I run from healthy habits because I still won’t love myself.

I run from God because it’s easier than praying about what’s hurting me.

I run from my past because it’s self sabotage I’m choosing to keep me back.

I run from re-writing my resume because this NEW job might not workout. Even though I’ve been miserable for 5 + years at my current job.

Now, you might be reading these thinking that NONE of them apply to you; and that’s okay. Take it for what it is. Maybe you’re not necessarily running, but maybe you’re hiding, backsliding, and letting yourself stay stuck in your non helpful ways. Are you with me?

Why do we run to what Broke us in fear of what could FIX us? What do we avoid by staying in our comfort zone? What are you ACTUALLY GAINING from this?

Can you imagine putting forth all of your energy running forward instead of always running backwards?

Let me know your thoughts!

I pray that whatever is hurting you and ruining you becomes a thing of the past. I pray that peace enters your heart once you take that leap into the unknown. God knows exactly what’s going on. He’s right there enduring the storms and fears of life with you; and he’s never leaving you. I pray that you understand how capable and worthy you are as a child of God. He created you to do amazing things; fearfully and wonderfully made.



God Hears You Babe,

Hey Friends,

Morgan here!

Audio at the end 🙂

My blogs have started taking on more faith-filled content. (if that’s a word?) This is amazing for me as my relationship with my creater has never been closer. Even when I start to notice the weighs of the world dragging me down, I know to just look up. Some-days I am better at fulfilling this action than others; but you get the idea.

About 3 weeks ago I was overcome with an intense heaviness in my chest. I felt like the world was flying by me and I wasn’t the person I wanted to be. Let me rephrase that, I am NOT the person other people expected me to be. There.. it… is!

Have you ever felt this way before? Have you ever noticed throughout your life you are LIVING it through the lens of someone else’s expectations of you? I DO. We deserve more than that.

Feeling this heaviness I simply let my mind wander. We all know this isn’t a safe coping mechanism, because of where our heads can venture to. Mine started negatively throwing out every single mistake I have ever made. It was bringing childhood trauma to the surface, as well as comparing my journey to others. Not okay. When this started happening I was overwhelmed with fears of; ‘what’s the point’ kind of thoughts. And I will be 100% honest, these scared me. You’ve been there, you’ve felt that way too. It’s just about time we said it out loud.

I don’t want to normalize ‘giving up’ on yourself because that’s not where I am heading with this blog. I want to aid in the mental health triggers we all face and do NOTHING about. That night all I wanted was to sleep and never wake up. I had no plans of doing anything to myself, if you’re following me; I just wanted my type of thoughts to end. Now, do you want to know where I went to find a way out? I prayed!

The fact that Jesus woke me up the next morning when all I wanted was to give up; that my friends is why I am telling you this story. I am still here because God is NOT finished with me yet. He is also NOT finished with you yet either. Your story is being written and God can’t do it without YOU. Hear me when I tell you that there is NO place you can go where God can’t find, see, or hear you. Other people may shut you out, they may talk poorly of you and demand your attention. Though God will never leave you or forsake you! I am living proof of that!

God has NOT given up on me, and he will also NEVER give up on you. He sees your pain, he knows your struggle and what’s on your heart. He wants you to go to him in prayer and he will guide you through the rest of your days. God has created you for a reason. You are still here for a reason! Don’t be afraid to shut the world out and go to him.

I know this all sounds preachy, though I’m telling you it works. God has created me to help people who are struggling. Let’s love like Jesus loves, but start with loving ourselves. I prayed to be taken out of a place of bondage to sin, and constant remembrance of my faults. God has picked me up to show me that I matter to him, and to this world. Just as you do too!

Listed below is the audio. Thank you so much for listening.

Please call someone if you’re struggling, you are not a burden! Trust me, I’ve felt that way too.

Helpline: If you’re in a crisis now, do not hesitate to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


Imagine Control

Hey Friends!

Last Sunday at church I felt like I was Called out! And you know what?! I totally deserved it!(Audio is at the end)

Last Sunday our Pastor discussed control, and how we have a complete illusion of control. We are terrified when life is out of control; so we try to play God and attempt control on our own. Yes we can control our reactions to life happenings and what we do moving forward. Life is happening around us. God is the only one who is in full control! Amen?

Now, over my lifetime I have learned more and more about letting things go. The only person’s actions I can actually control are my own. Other people’s actions are always unexpected! We want control over them, but it’s just not possible.

Alright, so here’s where I was 100% called out! IMAGE CONTROL.

Have you ever posted about your life drama on Facebook? Or maybe the opposite, you’ve boasted about something? YEP

Have you ever over shared about your family, relationship, or personal life on social media? When in reality wasn’t the real truth. YEP

Have you ever posted something on social media with intent to get attention of some sort? YEP

Have you ever wanted a certain person/ group of people to take your post or picture a certain way? And only want just a select few to like or comment? YEP

Have you ever purposely changed your look or behavior based on someone else’s post? YEP

Have you ever started an argument with someone on social media in hopes that they see another side of you? YEP

Have you ever been disappointed when someone you wanted to like your post, didn’t? YEP

You’re going to say you have NEVER done these things. Or that you’ve NEVER even thought about these things. Don’t lie to yourself. It’s okay! There’s always a reset button! Surrender!

I logged off social media right after church that day (1 week ago today) and have felt an overwhelming amount of emotions come out of this.

I was spending an excessive amount of time trying to prove my life to others; for what?

I was posting selfie after selfie showing my exes (and their friends) I was better off without them; for what?

I took pictures of myself working out to prove that even alone I am stronger than ever. (Somewhat lie) for what?!

I was sucked in to scroll after scroll session, day after day, wanting to be like other people; for what?

Friends you were NOT created to live a life based on the opinions and judgments of other people. You are so much better than that!

If you’re struggling online, you’re struggling even more off line. Go help yourself💕

We can’t waste our live trying to control what people see of us. Eventually you know for a fact the truth will come out and then it will be harder to deal with.

I’m praying you find the strength to stop letting social media control what people see of you. I pray that you love yourself first and choose God to help you control the rest.

After 1 week I have felt so much grace for my future and excitement for people to see the real me every single day!

Recorded 2/6/22


Hey Friends Morgan here! Yes, it’s official, I am 28 today! 2/24 🙂

Also, happy 2023! I cannot believe we are just about to March already. WHEW!

Friends when I woke up this morning I just knew I had things to write about! Granted 28 is not 88 or even 48, though with age comes wisdom. I have learned so many amazing things in my 28 years on earth and cannot wait to see what the rest of God’s plan looks like for me. So here are a few things I would love to share my 28 years of wisdom on. P.S if you want true wisdom talk to your grandparents🥰😍

  1. Stop Settling. Whether it’s a job, relationship, friendship, subscription, stupid TV service, or club you hate being in, STOP IT. You know you deserve better and want something different for yourself, so MOVE on and GET IT! We love what is comfortable and easy, but that WILL cost you in the long run. Who wants to be 88 with regrets from something you could have SHUT DOWN 60 years ago. Remember, if they wanted to, they WOULD 🤷🏽‍♀️ Actions>> Words. ALWAYS.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA ISN’T 100% REAL. Your real life keeps taking a back seat to your social media life. No no. People post their best days with a FILTER. Look beyond your phone. Have you ever stepped away from your phone long enough to see what’s actually in front of you? I guarantee you that you’ve missed out on things by being on your phone instead. Social media makes people crave attention and acceptance that isn’t true attention or acceptance. What people post is 99.99% of what they want people to see of them and not actually who they are. Look up once in a while, and take life for what it is sometimes. ALSO, delete,take breaks, or ghost your social media once in a while, be crazy and go outside from time to time. Life has so much to give you and teach you and SHOW you if you choose to be present and live in the moment. OFF soap box…
  3. Comparison is a THEIF of joy! First off, I want you to know that I am SO proud of you. If you threw your happy self out of bed and made it to work on time, THAT’S AMAZING; just saying. Spending your days comparing your journey to others will only leave you jealous, depressed, and longing for something that may not even be meant for you. God created you, and you are his masterpiece! He did not make you like anyone else for a reason, babe! Be you and love yourself for that. There are SO many people watching your journey, and cannot believe how far you have come. Celebrate yourself more and watch other people less. Let people be who they are, and you be YOU. I wish that I had learned this sooner. There have been SO many times that I have sat and watched other people’s journies and wished I could have the same experience. This robbed me of loving myself and accepting who God created me to be. You will miss out on the joys of your own life if you’re constantly comparing.
  4. Setbacks create amazing combacks! Life WILL knock you down.. spoiler alert. Sometimes when this happens all you want to do is stay in bed and wallow in self pitty. Now, you can feel sorry for youself for a while, go through the 5 stages of grief and that’s okay. However, the way you learn from that setback, how you react and change your course of action, is ultimately going to create the best COMEBACK. Life is not happening to YOU, it is happening FOR YOU. Learn from it, move on, swipe left, delete, block, throw away, whatever you need, just don’t stop moving forward. Action. Effort and Consistency.
  5. Trust you GUT and Pray on it! Choose YOU for once. Friends you know that weird feeling in your chest or your gut when something is off or doesn’t feel right. That’s God’s nudge to you. How things make you feel can ultimately help you understand what’s meant for you. Pray about your circumstances, and the path ahead of you will unfold at the right time. Put God’s plan before your plan.🙏
  6. Lastly,not everyone wants the best for you. Some people are friends or acquainted with you to benefit themselves. These people tend to want to know more about your life than just being by you in life. Good friends are proud and supportive. If you want to know who you 3a.m. major life crisis come to the rescue friends are ask yourself who you would call if that happened. I bet you that deletes about 90% of your ‘friends’ list. You deserve people who love you like Jesus loves you. ❤️

Thank you for reading! You’re amazing! Cheers to another trip around the sun!

And drink your water! 😉

Head Before Habits

Hey Friends!

I’ll keep this short and sweet; start working on your head before you start habit change. Does this make any sense?

What I mean by this is that whatever is holding you back will not be solved with a new set of workout clothes. Your negative thoughts about habit change won’t dissolve with a new hot personal trainer or fitness program. You will also not magically become an amazing person just by volunteering one time and posting on social media about it.

Habits are hard wired inside of us and if we figure out why we can’t seem to get off the couch, then one day we actually will. Our limiting beliefs that surface when habit change begins are huge indicators of why it’s never worked out before. You know, like when you say the word ‘diet.’ What comes in your brain? It’s not positive is it?

Once we start feeling different our actions will show the difference.

Video Below showing PSA 🙂

You can totally do it!!

Don’t Snooze Your Life Away

Hey Friends!!

Question of the day/year/ month/ lifetime. Where in YOUR life are you hitting the SNOOZE button? Where in your life are you KEEPING, PAUSING, SABOTAGING, yourself? THINK ABOUT IT!

In this video I talk about my recent Snooze stopping habit that I have been trying to incorporate every single day. For the past 4ish years I have been hitting snooze on and off. During this time I have felt that Snooze is almost a metaphor for my life goals.

I was snoozing my life/health coaching in fear of succeeding.

I was snoozing conversations with people worried that what I said wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

I was snoozing in relationships because I was TERRIFIED someone would see me for who I really was.

I was snoozing instead of working out, in fear I would fall back into my anorexic habits.

WHY THOUGH? Why are we snoozing on our dreams? What are we so worried about?

Failure is the absolutely best teacher!

Check out this video and let me know how you relate!

Please don’t hit snooze on your dreams/goals/ faith/ relationships etc.

Inspirtation: Mel Robbins

Our World’s Identity Crisis

Hey Friends! Morgan here! AUDIO IS AT THE END 🙂

I am who GOD says I am🙏

My recent postings have been all linked to my coaching business and I wanted to take a side step today. Today’s blog will be on faith and finding out who we truely are meant to be.

If you take a second and pause with me: consider this. Our world is extremely identity confused. Am I right?

Now, not going into genders, sexuality etc. Not here to write on that conversation.

This morning at church our pastor talked about loving our neighbors as ourselves. I love discussing this topic because I am a lover not a fighter. I will respect people and hug everyone, no matter who you are. That’s one of my traits from my creator. However, when I started thinking more about this topic my mind went to other people’s issues. Go figure. And my own struggle with identity.

There’s a crisis of identity in our world, would you agreee? We are all searching and seeking out information that we deem to be true; when in reality is it?

Is the truth about who we are, found on our Facebook homepage?

Will those likes and follows make us FINALLY love ourselves on Instagram?

Does our Tinder bio contain what we want in relationships, or what we THINK we want?

I’m 100% not here to call you out, because I too have spent stupid amounts of time trying to find my own value on these platforms. I too have thought that money, status, a man, objects, clothing, an eating disorder, ‘daddy issues label’, would help me figure out who I am. That doing life this way would somehow eventually make my true identity surface. But did it?! What do you think? NOPE

Friends, I’m here to tell you that scrolling on your phone is NOT going to successfully help you find who you truly are. That hanging out with the wrong crowd will set you farther back than creating your own path. Don’t fret though I do know where and who your identity is found with. God🙏

Let me ask you these things.

Are you tired of being frustrated with the constant bombarding of fake news?

Are you drained mentally from comparing your life to someone else’s on social media?

Where do you base your value?

Because your creator loves who you are, and he can’t wait to help you live your purpose out.

God created you to do amazing and wonderful things. You will grow closer to who you were meant to be, when you take a leap in your faith journey.

I’m there with you. I struggle daily with my own ‘identity.’ I rush life because losing control is feared. Though do we really have control? Nope. God does!

When you decided to take that leap of faith God will show you he’s always been there. He will bring you to your purpose and help you find your truth and authentic identity.

You were created for SO much more than what you post. You are loved far more than any amout of ‘likes, and views.’

I pray that you become curious about who you are as God’s amazing creation. It is NEVER too late to begin your faith journey or grow closer.

Thanks for reading and listening. Audio is down below. Remember God is our calm ìn the midsts of our world’s created chaos.

Current Update: 75 Day Challenge Days 1- 11

Hey Friends!

Check out my friends photography on insta: April Olson Photography

It’s Morgan here.

Earlier this summer I finalized and released a 75 Day No More Self-Sabotage Challenge to help people change their habits for the better. After releasing I decided that I myself should try this out for the full 75 Days! Yes I am being upfront and honest; before being release I did not fully complete 75 Days of said things.  I was trying 21 day things and then 50 days and so on. Finally deciding to complete this for myself I wanted to let you know how the challenge is going thus far.

I am currently on day 11 I believe. My end date will be sometime around October 11thish. Seems like forever away!! Though I  can’t believe it’s been 11 days already completing these 7 tasks. I can say honestly that I have NOT missed any days or any items on the to-do list. This is something I am proud of myself for and want my clients to know is attainable.

What I’ve learned about myself during these 11 days is that I have more discipline than I ever thought that I did. I always knew that it was there, it just took this challenge to bring it to fruition! YAY!

First of all most of you will come to me complaining about the level of discipline you think you have; which for most is zero. I’ve had many clients reach out and tell me this challenge is just something they wish they could do but don’t have enough motivation for it. Honey, just know that it’s not that you are out of motivation, you are just not disciplined like you want. It honestly is totally do-able for anyone, any fitness level, any age level, and so on.

Second of all I learned that in order to complete the things I need to accomplish on my list I don’t need more ‘time’: I just need to stop doing the stupid nonsense that I was doing. Plain and simple if you want something different you can’t keep doing what you’re already doing. For me I always assumed that my schedule was SO packed that I couldn’t add even 1 more thing to it. When in reality I was spending ridiculous amounts of time with the wrong people, too much time on my phone, and not taking advantage of the abilities I was given. I had an update on my phone that I spent 6 hours on Instagram that week and just shut down. I know for others it’s more but I felt like I had struck a nerve and it was time for this to go. There’s not a magic wand to bring any of that time back friends! Use your hours here investing in what’s going to help you become the best version of yourself.  This includes social media, but can also be : friends, negative co-workers, terrible and depressing music, unhealthy food choices, poor sleep routine, and you get the picture. Where are you wasting your time? Stop telling yourself that ‘ when I have MORE TIME I will start….’ Or ‘Someday I’ll do…” Quit giving up on yourself babe!


Third, and this one is crucial!! YOU DO NOT NEED SOCIAL MEDIA TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE. Just believe me! I have felt an even greater connection to my higher power, family, friends, co-workers, job, and so on by living off social media. Now I know you are rolling your eyes because that’s how you choose to communicate with people whether its business or for fun/pleasure. You do what you enjoy. Though the more time you spend off social media working on real connections with people; the more purposeful your life will be. Right away when I logged out of my apps, deleted, and took them off my phone I had serious FOML syndrome.  I was worried a potential client was going to reach out and need me. (you have email) Or I would miss out on important life events of my close friends and family. (hey they have your number) And over and over my head spun with this for a few days. After about day 4 I realized that the most important people (closest people in my life) could call me, text me, email me. The rest didn’t matter as much. Not being mean here just stating facts. You do know that 85%  of your Facebook friends are jealous and snoopy , right? Please tell me you know this?!! In that case you don’t need that nonsense anyways!! I have never felt more connected to my tribe than I do now. Social media creates an excessive amount of FOML, anxiety issues, depression, self-deprecation, and for some even OVER SPENDING.


I love that on day 11 I feel more like myself than I have in quite a while. This was exactly what I needed to kick myself in gear for my future self. Friends you owe it to yourself to invest in your life . Imagine what could happen if you started RIGHT NOW! Not tomorrow, not ‘someday’, if you started TODAY! What is your life worth to you? Are you sick of staying where you are? I sure was!!


I cannot wait to share what the next few weeks, and months will be like for me!

Please shoot me an email @ optimisitdumpsterifire@gmail.com and after payment I will send you a copy of the 75 Day Challenge to do yourself!

Best part is I am just an email away for accountability!! Or we can schedule a phone/video call too!


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Save Yourself From Your Head

FRIENDS!! I want to come on here and be all sweet and innocent and apologize for said missing blogs, but I can’t do that authentically.

This summer break has been phenomenal for me in that my self care game is just about perfect. Except for 1 tiny detail, SNOOZE has been my bestie. I think I’ve brought this up before in the past about my self-sabotage is hitting snooze when I know I should be doing x..y… z. Now, if you ask me as a coach what to do about that I would have the most profound answer on habit change and how to get your happy self out of bed with fire and passion every single day. So why can’t I do this for myself then? FEAR.!

I am genuinely afraid of what could go RIGHT if I wake up early, venture to the gym, get on top of my coaching for the day, and then do other fun and necessary things. It scares me knowing that I could be successful. BUT WHY?! Because friends.. I have NO clue what that is like. Most people aren’t afraid of becoming successful. And for me this is the #1 reason I procrastinate. What is it for you?

Recently I listened to a podcast about getting out of your own head. Robert Dial the Mindset Mentor spoke on this topic and my mind was blown. I felt called out for once and knew exactly how I should execute my next steps. Even as a health and life coach we need our own lifeguards sometimes too; and I forget that! So here I am telling you to not let fear get in your way of becoming the best version of you!

In his podcast there was an astounding statistic about people taking an electric shock over sitting alone with their thoughts. FOR WHY? We don’t want to deal with what’s going on in our heads. We don’t want to think about the what ifs. When running is what you know, that is where you will always go. UNTIL YOU STOP. Until you look internally enough to deal or allow things to come to the surface.

I had written a blog post about ‘ Let Me Be Busy.’ About running away from emotional distress by filling our schedules to avoid the inevitable. When facing leads to less anxiety and greater coping skills in the long run.


What is it in your life that you are scared of? Has this even happened? Most of what we worry about never happens anyways. Check out the audio to this!

Thanks friends!

Website: https://www.patiencetodayprogresstomorrow.com/

RobDial: https://robdial.com/podcast/

75 Day No More Self Sabotage Challenge Is OUT!!

Hey friends!

I’m so excited to share this news with everyone!! Check out the video links below for more information! You totally need this in your life!

Website link: http://www.patiencetodayprogresstomorrow.com